The infamous cursed Raggedy Anne Doll, Annabelle will be moved tonight. The doll is rumored to have caused the death of two people and is said to be extremely dangerous. She is currently housed in a holy case at The Warren Occult Museum, owned by the Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple are most well known for their investigations in hauntings and the paranormal. Their claim to fame being their investigations of The Amityville House and the The Perron Family Haunting. The Warrens are no strangers to Hollywood, with many of their investigations finding life on the silver screen. In 2013 The Conjuring, which is based on the Perron Family Haunting, gave viewers a glimpse of the haunted doll Annabelle. Soon after the haunted doll was given a life of her own with the movie Annabelle.

Warren Occult Museum

The Warren Museum is home to hundreds of possessed and haunted artifacts, and at one point the museum was open to the public. Due to zoning issues the museum has since been closed off to the public, and it’s uncertain if it will be reopened. However, tonight fans of the Warren family and the famous killer doll will get a chance to see inside the museum via Facebook Live. Annabelle is being moved to another special case and viewers will be the first to see if anything paranormal happens.

Annabelles transfer will happen on Facebook Live tonight, February 22nd 2017 at 6:30pm EST.

You can watch the stream at: