Traveling to Hong Kong was a blast. I was able to visit family as well as go exploring. I do my best to visit there as much as possible, when I do I always find that I fill my phone up with thousands of photos. The majority being food, so I thought I’d share all the awesome eats and weird foods I tried. Thousand Year Old Egg Thousand year old egg with ginger. If you ever wondered what a rotten egg buried under some dirt looks like. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Of course Hong Kong is on top of its game when it comes to tech. Here’s a Ribena infused liquid

nitrogen ice cream. Cake Tray Cake game strong Hainan Chicken Had this dish almost every night! Known as a Hainan Chicken with chicken grease rice! Malaysian Curry Malaysian style chicken curry. Thai Sampler Thai Sampler Pork Neck vermicelli Roasted pork neck with vermicelli noodles. Scones with homemade jam Sconed everyday! Lazy Susan Traditional Chinese style family dinner. The food keeps coming and the lazy Susan keeps spinning. Hong Kong Pork Cubes Some crazy braised pork head cheese! Slow cooked pork shoulder. Slow cooked pork shoulder.