Whats the meaning behind your name Opeybobo? And tell us a bit about yourself.   Opey Bobo actually came from my parents. When I was born, my dad wanted to name me Opey after the character on the Andy Griffith show. My mom said okay as long as my middle name was her maiden name, ie Bobo. So my dad decided lets just go with Corey instead. I told this story to my professor in college and she said that, that would be my design moniker and it has stuck ever since. As for myself, I was born near Atlanta, Ga. Lived there until I moved to St. Augustine, FL to go to Flagler College in 2007. I got my bachelors degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design with an Illustration Minor. After graduating I looked for a job and randomly ended up designing College Championship shirts and basically fell in love with designing shirt apparel and illustrating. I worked in Sports for about a year and then started working with Archaeology Company to help them start up their own outdoor clothing line. I then randomly applied to a job at Warner Music because my fiancée and me wanted to get out of Florida. A few months later I got the job and we moved to NYC and now I design band merch.   For someone who’s not familiar with your work, how would you describe your style?   I am kind of all over the place, now at least. I went through a phase

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of only wanting to be an illustrator. Then I got hit with a reality check that not everyone wants a crazy cartoon illustration for their apparel line. If I do an illustrative piece, which is primarily what I do for my personal designs, it tends to have a cartoon feel to it. I enjoy drawing faces or making things with crazy faces. I also have recently been reminded of how much I love illustrating type or manipulating letters to form art. Working for bands from all genres has really opened up how and what I create. I also have arguably some of the best designers and eyes on my work in the industry, which has really catapulted my work aesthetic. Learning how to use channels has changed my life! OB_DemonicSanta How did you get started in art/digital art?   When I was about to start my senior year of high school, I realized I hadn’t applied to any colleges. I had two things I wanted out of college when I started. It had to be near the beach and have art program. I can’t even tell you who told me that I should check out graphic design since it would be the route that would actually make me money when I was older. When I applied to the school, I checked Graphic Design as my #1 study and on the first day of college I learned (for the first time) what the Adobe Creative Suite was. Another fun fact is I only basically used Illustrator in college. For EVERYTHING. Only after I graduated did I really start to use Photoshop.   What are your top 10 bands or musicians to listen to at the moment?   Oh boy. In no order: REM, Greg Laswell, Misfits, Tyr, Metallica, Eminem, ADTR, Kiss, Deathstars, A Perfect Circle.   Favorite artists?   Some guy named Jon Chau (Sleep Terror Clothing)? Haha. Oh lets see who else. Matt Gondek is the artist who really made me want to become apart of the band merch crowd. Super nice guy and amazing artist. Brandon Rike has been a huge inspiration for me as of late. Really nice guy too. Watching his speech at Weapons of Mass Creation really made me take pride in what I do for a living. People I also look towards for inspiration would be my fiancée Vaudevillian Design, Dan Bradley, Craig Robson, Joshua Andrew Belanger, God Machine, Kendrick Kid, Pitchgrim, Doyle (Rawmeat), Felix LaFlame (guys insanely good!), Beastwreck, Kyle Crawford is pretty entertaining, Cutty Bage, Mike Ski, Dan Mumford, and I could go on for

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days and days. OB_Courage Who is your ideal client for freelance?   That’s easy. World Wrestling Entertainment.   What is your design process like?   All over the place. I always try to sketch out thumbnail ideas. I find out that I always come up with like 5 that I like but I only need say 2. I try to recycle those ideas but it never happens I feel like. I use to have a problem of reading a brief and then designing what I thought would be cool and getting really attached to the artwork. That always got me getting angry and having to explain my crazy idea. Now I try to create what I think the client is going to like. This process is a lot less stressful and easier on my ego. And it tends to create some really good pieces. OB_Bulldog Are there any brands or bands you would like to work with professionally in 2014   Hell yeah! I really want to do some more merch for Shinedown, Halestorm, and Paramore because they are all fun bands to work with. Some other bands I am hoping to work with are: Gojira, Trivium, Young The Giant, Avenge Sevenfold, Rick Ross, Airbourne, Cher, the Black Keys, Tegan and Sara, and The Wild Feathers. Some of these are pipe dreams but would be cool   Who are your biggest inspirations?   My biggest inspiration is my parents and my fiancée Elaine. My parents gave me a perfect up brining and have always been there for me. The hardest part of moving to NYC is being so far away from them. And then my fiancée keeps me in line and has pushed me to realize my potential. I would not be sitting working a dream job if it wasn’t for her pushing me and making me realize that I need to take opportunities when they arrive. She also helps me with my designs, even if I start kicking and screaming cause I don’t want to change something, I know she’s right.   What can we expect from Opeybobo next year?   My first goal is to win the WWE Royal Rumble and then headline Wrestlemania XXX. But if that doesn’t work out, expect a lot of merch designs and hopefully branching out with other artist to work on some cool projects.