Sheamus Crowley logo For those unfamiliar with your brand, tell us a little bit about Knife Fight Clothing   Knife Fight Clothing is a small brand that I own and operate with my buddy Will. We’ve been around for nearly a year and a half now. It’s been a good learning experience for me while I work my way into the indie clothing scene as a designer and a developer. Knife Fight Logo Do you do all the design work for your clothing line?   Up until last summer I did all the design work for the company, mainly because of our small budget. I mean, I love doing some of the design work, but half the fun of a clothing company should be working with awesome designers. Since then we’ve had the chance to work with Christopher Benotto on our newer branding, as well as Catsneeze and Craig Robson. Daggerhead by Craig Robson How long have you been doing web design?   I’ve been working on websites since I was in the 6th grade (I’m 19 now, so that’s about 7 years). My uncle’s a long time web designer and he got me into it back then. I was really into Kingdom Hearts back then so I made a string of bad Kingdom Hearts fan sites until I got into high school. Then I took a break from web design and just got back into it in 2011. Thieve Clothing Who are your biggest influences?   I can’t really name any web design influences I’ve had. I’m sort of a failure in keeping up with the web design community. I sort of just absorb every website I visit and that’s how I pick up my influences.   What can we expect to see from Knife Fight this year?   You can expect some pretty cool things from Knife Fight this year… nothing I can get too specific about

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right now, and maybe not anything really soon. Will and I are both pretty busy with college, and I’ve been busy kicking off my web design career, so Knife Fight has been on the back burner, besides the every-now-and-then t-shirts we put out. We’re both going to be putting a little extra effort this season so we can put out an extra special line over the summer- something a little more out of the box for us. We may move slow, but Knife Fight will always be moving forward.   Describe your ideal client for web.   My ideal client for web would be somebody who’s really enthusiastic about the project and knows what they want- somebody who’s willing to provide input and even criticism. It’s great when my clients are vocal about the project. Graphic designers and artists are great to work with because it feels more like I’m collaborating, and really helps the creative environment. I love working for clothing companies. I’d really like to work with bands, and even artists on web portfolios.   What projects are you currently working on at the moment?   Right now I’m working on a brand new website for We Are Triumphant Records. I’m working in WordPress for the second time, and I’m having a lot of fun with it and getting a little out of my box. I’m also in the idea stage of my new portfolio. The one I have up right now I did really quickly just to get something up. I have a bad habit of letting personal projects sit on the shelf while I work for other people, so hopefully this will actually get done. Painted Demons Do you have any advice for people looking to get into web design?   Check out It’s seriously the best website you can go to if you want to learn HTML and CSS (and any other web programming language, for that matter). Anything that I didn’t figure out on my own, or my uncle hadn’t taught me, I read about on there. Don’t skip out on learning the languages, either. Dreamweaver’s “Design View” or websites like Wix may seem like a good idea to a beginner, but coding is the only way to go about making websites. HTML and CSS are some of the easiest languages to learn, and a newcomer to programming shouldn’t have that much trouble learning how to use it. Besides that, persistence, persistence, persistence. Try hard. All that stuff. Have fun and whatnot. Gadget Clothing Have you read any good books lately?   I read The Princess Bride a couple months ago, and it’s gotta be one of my favorite books now. Any fans of the movie should definitely read it, it’s incredible. I’ve been reading some John Green books. Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska are great stories. I’ve also been reading all the new issues of Shaman King: Flowers.   What are your top 5 favorite albums right now?   That’s a terrible question to ask somebody… here’s a list that may or may not be true. Albums are like parents to me, it’s real hard to choose a favorite. Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest by As Cities Burn They’re Only Chasing Safety by Underoath Mmhmm by Relient k Forget And Not Slow Down by Relient k …Is A Real Boy by Say Anything   Go check out Sheamus’s clothing line Knife Fight Clothing and his portfolio Twitter: @KnifeFightCloth Facebook: Instagram: @KnifeFightSheamus