It’s been a busy couple months, and I’ve been meaning to give a tour of the office space that I share with a company called Snow Coast. If you were wondering where you’re orders come from this is it! During the day I handle most of Sleep Terror’s business and design from my house and come to the Sleep Terror Headquarters later the same night to pack your orders. Sleep Terror Banner   Part of me is happy I waited to

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write this post solely because I just received our 6 ft. Sleep Terror banner this week! This also the banner that will be above our booth at Brooklyn’s Artists And Fleas. I’m really excited to show it off! Boxes   Since the space is shared, I can’t exactly install shelves yet, but I promise you the next space that I find there will be shelves for sure! But for not, I have to keep these horrid boxes! photo 3   Monsters Under The Bed T-Shirt Monsters Under The Bed Ahh! Real Moonsters T-Shirt Ahh! Real Moonster!   And of course here are some of this seasons favorite monster t-shirts, The Monsters Under The Bed and Ahh! Real Moonsters! Again if only we had shelves! We will however be folding and packing all the t-shirts in clear poly-bags soon. It’s going to be a lot of work, but will definitely be worth it. For us it means the shirts stay organized, and for you guys that means the shirts stay fresh! Plus, it also means that the sketch card and stickers don’t go missing! Work Station photo (1) Sleep Terror Orders