I’ve heard a lot of hype surrounding The Witch. Collider claims the movie is, One Of The Scariest Horror Movies in Years”  and Bloody Disgusting gave the film 5 our of 5 skulls. These reviews alone peaked my interest, after watching the official trailer I was convinced this movie was going to terrifying.

The Witch Movie Still

So this weekend I finally said Fuck it! and purchased The Witch on iTunes (yes the full price $14.99). Unfortunately The Witch did not live up to the hype. Is it a bad movie? no. Is it the scariest movie in years? definitely not. Will it creep you out? YES!

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The movie is set in 1630s New England where an English farmer Willian, played by Ralph Ineson, and his family leave their colonial plantation in fear of banishment by the church. He relocates his five children to remote plot of land on the edge of an ominous forest, which is supposedly ridden with unknown evils. Strange and unsettling things begin to happen that threaten to tear the family apart.

The Witch

The Witch plays on paranoia and suspicion making it a great combination of The Crucible meets Clue. There are no overly scary parts in the movie, however the cinematography lends itself to create an ominous and creepy vibe. Although, the creepy moments throughout the film leave the watcher slightly unfulfilled. I was constantly left wanting more, but then shot down with more dialog and plot, which is not necessary bad for a movie like this. Like any good suspenseful horror movie The Witch slowly builds up momentum with small bursts of cringe worthy snippets.

The movie is definitely entertaining and I would still recommend it, but there were times where I found myself wandering off and losing focus. In my opinion the film is more of a period drama based on Witch folklore than it is a pure horror movie.

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