The 90′s Emo band revival is in full effect, with bands like Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, The Front Bottoms and countless other bands selling out huge venues all over America, yet you rarely hear about actual 90′s emo bands anymore. In my opinion a lot of these bands gained leverage from other scenes, the growing number of pop punk bands breaking into the indie rock or post punk scene. Take Title Fight and Turnover for example, two very successful pop punk bands that decided to reinvent their sound and are now even more popular.

Here’s a classic Title Fight jam from one of my favorite pop punk records! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve listened The Last Thing You Forget on repeat!


Now check out Title Fight from 2014. Same band name, completely different sound.

One name in particular that really deserves a lot more credit for giving the scene it’s signature math rock sound is a little band called American Football hailing from Illinois. American Football were pulling off all the tapping and harmonizing guitar stunts that a lot of bands today are trying to incorporate into their sound. And I bet you, if I showed you their self-title American Football you probably wouldn’t believe that this album was released almost 17 years ago.  That’s because American Football has an amazing sound and melody. All their songs are catchy as hell! And after listening to them you will appreciate the genre even more. 

If you’ve never heard of American Football I strongly suggest you check them out especially if you’re a fan of the bands I listed up top.