They said it would never happen! But the Misfits are finally getting back together…sort of.


Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein will play together for the first time since 1983 at two Riot Fest shows this fall. There’s been a lot of drama leading up to Misfits reunion shows, filled with legalities regarding merchandise and use of the horror-punk pioneer’s name. Behind closed doors Danzig and Only have been battling it out in courtrooms for as long as I can remember. Every Halloween for the past couple years I’ve found myself torn between seeing Jerry Only’s The Misfits, play their annual Halloween Bash, or see Danzig play his versions of Misfits classics. Good thing fans will not have to choose between the two at Riot Fest.

misfit riot fest

I would kill to see the three original members of Misfits tear it up at Riot Fest! Especially after reading an interview Danzig did with Rolling Stone regarding the set list.

“There are gonna be songs people know we’re gonna do, but there’s some stuff we’ve been talking about that people would never guess,” Danzig says of the song selections. “I just want you to be surprised. I think it’s better that way, especially in this whole Internet age. I hate that shit.”

The set list will consist of roughly 30 classic Misfit songs chosen by Danzig himself. There’s going to be plenty of room for sing-alongs and stage dives. As for an official Misfits Reunion, the band has not leaked any further info yet, hopefully the two shows go well and we get a full on tour!

In case you can’t wait until Riot Fest, here’s a Misfit throwback Thursday