I find that the best way to stay creative is to surround yourself with other creative individuals. I met Woody at my old day job about 3, we both worked in IT and he struck me as a really interesting guy. We came from different backgrounds, but I could tell immediately that we were quite similar in ambition. We were both working a day job in order to fund creative endeavors. However, if it wasn’t for that IT job we would have never met. Since then we’ve not only become best friends, but we keep each other motivated and push each other to pursue dreams and projects.

Blood Moon Tshirt

Woody recently took the leap from working a regular 9-5 to working freelance full-time, working in different fields varying from music, art and design. He also started his own 3D fabrication company called Fabrimakr. http://fabrimakr.com/

“Hey Everyone, my name is Woody and I am a creative engineer living/working in New York City. “What is a creative engineer” you ask? Honestly, its the best name  I could come up with for what I do.  Well, I make/create things. I know that is a bit vague but when you break down all the things that I do, that is what you are left with.

I started off by making music! I know its weird for an engineer to say that he started making thing by making music but I’ve been playing saxophone since I was in 5th grade, Dj’ing since 2010, in more recent years I went to SAE for a degree in Audio Engineering and since then I have started an independent vinyl record label called Grinch Productions or GRP.

After High school, I went to school for Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace (this is where the engineering starts to come in). However, since I was lucky enough to graduate in 2009 when our economy sucked, in addition to aerospace companies either closing or downsizing (RIP NASA), I went into the IT field.  There I spent countless hours slaving away for the man. But not only is IT stressful, it’s pretty damn boring. So, I took all that OT money and decided to pursue my passion and after graduated from SAE in NYC for audio engineering, I moved to Brooklyn and started working at Tekserve where I met Jon!

So if you speed up to the past couple years, I’ve learned how to do 3D projection mapping from an AWESOME instructor named CHiKA who runs a 3 day workshop called Mappathon. This really allowed me to turn my music sets into Audio/Visual Performances and since then I have done multiple installations, exhibitions, and performances using audio reactive, 3D projection mapping or LED mapping on geometric sculptures.


So after reading this you’re probably thinking “why doesn’t he just call himself an artist?” That is because within the past year I have really gone back to my roots in engineering after joining a fabrication lab called Fat Cat Fab Lab. There they have a Laser cutter, a CNC router and a bunch of 3D printers. In addition, to that I purchased my own 3D printer for use at home. So, not only have I been able to make things for Art purposes like Pentagon Shaped domes for projection mapping or laser etched wood carvings, but I have been able to produce functional things like cases for my Euroack modules which I use during my live performances. Not only that but I have been doing a bunch of custom fabrication for event planners, startups, and all types of other business.

3d printed groot

Fabrimakr - laser cutting

Fabrimakr - Projection mapping

3d printed skull

I am driven to do something interesting with my life and did not want to just chill in the suburbs and work IT all my life. Pretty much the same reason I wanted to become an aerospace engineer. I don’t regret that I didn’t pursue that field because I totally love what I’m doing at the moment, and most importantly it’s what makes me happy!”